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Do you have friends? Well good for you. 多人游戏的魅力

That never happened though, because shortly thereafter, we started playing Little Big Planet with 4 player co-op, and I noticed something very bizarre. Within less than an hour, all social barriers melted away and everyone was having fun and laughing their hearts out. You couldn’t tell that anyone was an outcast to this group had you seen this scene. And so it got me thinking.

Player.IO 多人在线游戏后端平台,月付收费。

MailChimp 免费邮件订阅系统

Let there be light! 在2D游戏中实现动态光照效果,效果比 Xelu 之前预想的要赞很多。使用法线贴图将法线信息(x,y,z)以(r,g,b)的方式储存到图像中供 shader 查询,以便 gpu 硬件加速。它们的另外一篇日志介绍了如何制作法线贴图,使用 NVIDIA 提供的 Photoshop 滤镜插件

GDC 国际游戏开发者大会官网,居然看到腾讯游戏四个汉字

FGS Flash Game Submmiting


Right Click -> Events -> New ground! 事件绑定与触发的实现

Move or Die - iOS APP 有趣的APP,开起来后,如果不动就会“挂”掉,看你能坚持多久。Anrdoid版点这里

Animating With Asset Sheets: An Alternative to Blitting

F-777 (Jesse Valentine) is an 20 year old electronic musician who has reached millions of listens globally. He spends his time making freelance soundtracks for games and solo songs that vary from Orchestral all the way to Electro.

Indie Games Talk Otaku 2013

Indie Game The Moive 独立游戏大电影,优酷播放

Super Mario World Camera Logic Review

Löve Frames 用于 Love2d 的GUI框架


VNC-Viewer iOS 上的免费远程控制软件

My-Mind 开源的网页思维导图

Light-Table 可交互的 IDE,下一代开发神器


游戏引擎架构 中文版,Milo Yip 大牛译作,亚马逊预售。迫不及待想入一本啦~

发售日期: 2014年2月19日

Art of Game Design 中文版译名全景探秘游戏设计艺术



support SQLite for functional testing purposes by bendavies · Pull Request #12 · fre5h/DoctrineEnumBundle Git 史上最牛的推辞:我稍后再看看。可能要等很久,因为我是乌克兰人,这里正在发生一场革命。真是太抱歉了!

[fre5h]: I will take a look later. Much much later. Because I'm Ukrainian and we have revolution right now. Sorry
[bendavies]: No worries, take care!
[franz-josef-kaiser]: Good luck with your revolution!



God Bless Ukrainian!

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